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Piano and Grand Piano Brands - Pianonvirittajat.net

Welcome to the page of piano brands! We have gathered some information we come across the instruments on this page. In the near future you will find here even more interesting information on many important and much manufactured piano and grand piano brands, but also on some classical handmade instruments that are true masterpieces.

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We tune all piano and grand piano brands. Examples of these:

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Arthur Askolin Pianos and Grand pianos
Baldwin piano
Arthur Askolin was born in Russia in 1873. Though detailed information on him is missing, we know that he learned piano makers demanding work and continued his father's profession in building pianos in large scale in St Petersburg, then cultural capital of Russia. According to information availabe Arhur started by making "a small number of inexpensive pianos and grand pianos".

Communications between then autonomous area Finland and Zhar's Russia were lively and easy around the turn of the 19th century. To help this Viipuri (Vyborg) the largest Finnish city was located just 130 kilometers from St Petersburg (this city was seized by Soviets at the end of WW2). Also the royal family added their demands for the cultural life. However, in this city Askolin was just one of the piano makers so they decided to move to Helsinki, Finland during the Russian Soviet revolution of 1917. Both Arthur Askolin and his brother established a piano factory. Eventually these built over 8000 pianos and grands during the first half of the century. While these instruments are today rare jevels, they could be found earlier in numerous public locations and private homes. When Arthur died in 1947, his business was sold to R.E. Westerlund who continued the business until 2005 when the company was removed from the business register.

Arthus Askolin was also a father of Pixen Askolin, who toured Finland with a famous entertainment orchester Dallapé.

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Baldwin Pianos and Grand Pianos
Baldwin was once the largest of numerous pianomakers in the U.S. Many of company's models were known for their exceptionally high quality. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin started his business by giving piano, organ an violin lessons in 1850s Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1862 Baldwin became a retailer of a piano maker Decker Brothers. Four years later another important figure for the future business, Luis Wulsin, joined the company as a shop clerk. As the D.H. Baldwin & Company business developed Luis Wulsin bought into Decker Brothers. Baldwin meanwhile concentrated more on the production issues and declared that he wanted to build" the best pianos that could be manufactured".
Baldwin piano

As the business flourished production was divided into two lines: Hamilton Organ continued with organ manufacturing (organ was immensely popular instrument in the late 19th century) while Baldwin Piano Company manufactured its own pianos from 1891 and grand pianos from 1895. In the 1890s Baldwin grew to be the largest piano manufacturer in the Midwest USA. The line of organs was also a success in sales. In 1899 Baldwin died and left most of his fortune to be used for the missionary work. In the following years Wulsin managed to buy all of the Baldwin company and changed focus form sales to production. As a result, Baldwin Piano Company won many awards in early 20th century.

A new breed of pianos was born in 1920s: pianos that played automatically themselves. This seemed like a lucrative business for Baldwin too and they invested into a dedicated factory for these popular magical machines. However, as the 1920s ended in the great investment crash, this also marked the end of mechanical pianos. Baldwin company survived this period only with its existing cash reserves. During WWII the whole production was directed to manufacturing war goods, mainly wooden airplane parts.

After war the recovery was swift and already in 1950s prewar production levels were more than doubled.

Baldwin grand piano add from 1905

By 1973 Baldwin had built over one million pianos and grand pianos! Success is often followed by vanity and even Baldwin extended its business first to other instruments and then to financial and insurance business. By early 1980s Baldwin owned 200 other companies. Acquiring businesses had debted company heavily and by 1983 Baldwin went bankrupt. Piano manufacturing was sold to management at this point. After numerous turns the company was sold again in 2001 to Gibson Guitar Company, which owns Baldwin today. Since early 2000s all Baldwin pianos have been manufactured in Zhonghan, China. Also most Baldwin grand pianos are Chinese, manufactured by Parsons Music. Special order handmade in USA grand pianos are also produced by request and these have been popular among many musicians.

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Bechtein pianos and grand pianos
This section will be added shortly.

Carl Bechstein

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Boston piano

Boston pianos are designed by the famous piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons. They are manufactured by Kawai in Japan and the product line is slightly less expensive than that of Steinway & Sons. The Boston piano selection has a number of pianos and grand piano models.

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Bösendorfer piano
Bösendorfer piano factory is located in Austria and is currently owned by Yamaha. The company is one of the oldest still existing piano manufacturers, founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828.

Bösendorfer instruments today are highly respected. Their sound quality is excellent and tone tuned specifically dark. Distinctive to some Bösendorfer models there are more than 88 piano keys, for example 92 or 97. When Yamaha bought into Bösendorfer in 2008, the brand was enabled to finish new models. For example models 214 and 208 Vienna Concert were created, latter being maybe the best grand piano ever. Latest Bösendorfer pianos are available by request with Silent feature too.

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Essex piano
Essex-piano is the third brand under Steinway & Sons. Market considers these pianos and grand pianos entry level instruments. Until 2004 Essex pianos were manufactured by Young Chang in Korea and from 2005 Pearl River in Guanchou, China has manufactured the brand. As standard with Steinway & Sons brands, every piano and grand piano is inspected carefully before being shipped to the customer.

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Estonia grand piano

Estonia-piano and grand piano manufacturing in Tallinn, Estonia was started by the order of Joseph Stalin in 1950. Among the models were several pianos and two grand pianos, 190 and 273 cm. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the factory was privatized and from 1993 by the lead of Indrek Laul it rose rapidly to be an excellent piano manufacturer. For example Marc-André Hamelin plays Estonia grand piano of his own.
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Fazer Pianos
Almost 100'000 Fazer-pianos were manufactured in Finland from 1950s to 1989. In 1989 Hellas bought the Fazer piano factory. Especially the instruments from 1970s and 1980s are problem free and their sound is good. Their "Halkinit" sound base takes well the variations in humidity.

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Fazioli flyygeliFazer-piano
Background of the Fazioli grand pianos is exceptional: it's Italian manufacturer started only in 1981, 100 years after most of the competition. Fazioli also concentrated to producing only around 100 hand made and masterfully finished instruments per year.

Paolo Fazioli was born in Rome in 1944. He graduated from the University in 1969 and finished his piano studies in 1971 too. Actual piano building started with several prototypes in 1979 and the company for piano production was founded two years later. Fazioli has kept improving its grand pianos through the years with a stream of constant enhanced versions of instruments. Today their brand pianos can be found in many concert halls and also some musicians require Fazioli for their performance. The quality sound of Fazioli can be described as soft and rich, but still resonant.

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Feurich Pianos and Grand Pianos Freurich-piano
Feurich was one of the rising piano manufacturers of the 19th century Germany. Julius Gustav Feurich established in 1851 a small workshop to manufacture pianos in Leipzig. Orders accumulated quite fast and by 1960 manufacturing of already 400 pianos could be celebrated. Progress also led to building larger premises to manufacture instruments in greater numbers. At the time one of the victories was also the official Royal piano builder nomination. Feurich was always keen on cooperating with other manufacturers. One of the interesting products achieved this way was an automatic piano which with its pneumatic machinery could reproduce "surprisingly well" playing of even very difficult composings.

By the WWI Feurich had built already 34'000 pianos and grand pianos. For the war effort production had to be retuned to war products. After war Germany suffered from a severe lack of all kinds of products and manufactured numbers of pianos were affected from this. To keep his factory running Feurich had to manufacture then state of art latest technology - radio sets! During WW2 the production again was diverted to war optics and flak gun components. In the 1943 Leipzig bombardments also Feurich factory with all its instruments was lost. Intermediate solution was found at Harmonenfabrik Theodor Mannborg premises. Further destruction was to follow in the form of communism when Feurich enterprise was nationalized and Feurich family had to flee to West Germany. There a newly established family enterprise Julius Feurich Pianofortefabrik GmbH was established.

The market success of Japanese Yamaha and Kawai affected also Feurich production by 1980s and by 1991 Bectein group took over. The business still was not successful, even after multiple restructurings, so in 2012 the name of Feurich was sold to Austrian Wendl & Ljung. Today the Feurich insturments are manufactured in Ningbo, China and Burcheid, Germany.

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Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos
Grotrian-Steinweg is a German piano brand established in 1835 when Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg founded the factory in Braunscweig. He used finest materials of beech and spruce tree from the nearby Harz mountains for his instruments. In 1850 Steinweg moved for most of the year to New York in U.S.A. and started there another piano factory. This brand was sold under Steinway & Sons. The move enabled Wilhelm Grotrian becoming a partner in 1856 and in 1865 he bought the whole German operations and brand name from Steinweg. During the following decades Grotrian-Steinweg developed to one of the finest piano instruments. In the early 20th century Grotrian-Steinweg manufactured some years around 3000 instruments. Even today the production of pianos is around 500 plus 100 grand pianos. Some 20 of these go to concert halls, most demanding taking up to 8 months of finest craftsmanship to manufacture!

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Grunert Pianos

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Baldwin Piano

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Bergqvist & Nilsson Pianofabrik

J. Schiller -piano

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Bectstein grand piano

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