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Pianonvirittäjät.net - Professional tuning

Welcome to the pages of professional piano and grand piano services. We tune and service instruments for professionals, hobbyists, companies, public entities and private persons. With over 30 years of expertise in the field, we also repair and refurbish pianos that need fixing.

Pianon viritys työn alla, tekijänä Matti Rassi

Professional Tuning
We tune all piano and grand piano brands, for example:

    More brands...

 Piano and Grand Piano Service 
 Services for all pianos and grand pianos...

Piano and Grand Piano Repairs 
We have knowledge on repairing pianos and grand pianos as new. For more information, please contact us for further discussion!

Piano and Weather 
 Read how the weather can affect any piano...  

 Taking Care of Pianos  
 How to take care of your precious instrument optimally...  

 Freaquently Asked  
 The most frequently asked questions were collected on this page...

 Piano and Grand Piano Brands  
 Information and pictures on many piano and grand piano brands
, which we see daily taking care and tuning them. This is also a location where you can find knowledge, pictures and history on a number of wonderful piano manufacturers.

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A member of the Finnish Piano Tuners Guild


Matti Rassi työssään pianoa virittämässä

Professional tuner at your service, with 30 years of expertise    
Matti Rassi
0500 - 445 917

Tilaa viritys!

Espoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Helsinki, Vantaa, Vihti


F-Music authorised piano and grand piano expert 

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Matti Rassi työssään pianoa virittämässä

Golden Yamaha Grand Piano

Boston-piano Hellas-paino

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