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Taking Care of Piano - Pianonvirittäjä

This page has detailed information on how to take care of your valuable piano so that it stays in great condition and last for decades, sometimes centuries.

Piano should be located in a place where no sudden temperature variations occur. Also the instrument should be kept in a steady humidity. Inside a Finnish house the humidity variates from the 70% and above in the summer to even less than 20% in the winter. This causes stress to the instrument itself, so it is important to avoid any added variable like temperature variations by the heater or fire place.

Direct sunlight can also be harmful to the surface and wooden parts like the sounding board. the best place to locate the piano is by the inner wall if you can choose the location. the outer walls are even in the newest houses colder than the inner walls. If located by the outer wall, make sure that the instrument is at least 5 centimeters from the wall, so air can circulate freely to keep the temperature more level. If using a heater with a fan, it is not recommended to blow the air straight in the direction of the piano.

Pianos need tuning at least once a year, the first year twice. Every new instrument needs about five years to settle. All the parts find their optimal locations. The screws should be tightened latest the second year and at the same time check the settings.

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Matti Rassi työssään pianoa virittämässä


Matti Rassi työssään pianoa virittämässä
Matti Rassi työssään pianoa virittämässä

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